Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maeve and Emmet's Books

These are two Children's books that I was working on since the fall of 07. These books are very special to me because I was able to help give a little something back to Emmet and Maeve who lost there Dad a few years ago.

Both books are 7 page spreads. I've posted just a few spreads from each of their books. Enjoy.

'I Wish I Had a Daddy' is Maeve's book about how she is now at the age where she is starting to notice that all of the kids around her have a Dad and she doesn't. Through out the book she is reminded how her Dad is still part of her life, but now he is supporting her and cheering her on from Heaven instead. I included her hampster Jellybean in all of the spreads, she loved it.


heather said...

ahh rach, I love this.

Julz said...

Did you think about sending them to a publisher? I'm sure it would get picked up. It would be something great to help children who lost their dad. Your illustrations are great.