Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Italy sketch book

Josiah and I went to Italy for 6 weeks from May to June this year. It was a crazy experience we'll never forget. While in Italy I had the privilege of teaching 5 drawing and painting classes. It was a phenomenal experience, I'll never forget.

Here are a few pages
from my sketchbook.

It was really great drawing in the middle of streets and crowds. Intimidating at times but very memorable & highly recommended. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

It unfortunitaly rained 16 out of the 28 days that we were in Florence so it was alittle difficult to do any finished paintings. Which was actually quite disappointing.
But what can you do:) It was a darn
amazing experience regardless.


josiah gordon said...

Rach! These look great, I can't wait to see what you're working on now, I heard it's dope!!


heather sinnott said...

love the mopeds

Wendy said...

Hi Rachel, just saw your new website and you got a really pretty style! I love the children's illoz, so cute!