Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Italy sketch book

Josiah and I went to Italy for 6 weeks from May to June this year. It was a crazy experience we'll never forget. While in Italy I had the privilege of teaching 5 drawing and painting classes. It was a phenomenal experience, I'll never forget.

Here are a few pages
from my sketchbook.

It was really great drawing in the middle of streets and crowds. Intimidating at times but very memorable & highly recommended. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

It unfortunitaly rained 16 out of the 28 days that we were in Florence so it was alittle difficult to do any finished paintings. Which was actually quite disappointing.
But what can you do:) It was a darn
amazing experience regardless.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maeve and Emmet's Books

These are two Children's books that I was working on since the fall of 07. These books are very special to me because I was able to help give a little something back to Emmet and Maeve who lost there Dad a few years ago.

Both books are 7 page spreads. I've posted just a few spreads from each of their books. Enjoy.

'I Wish I Had a Daddy' is Maeve's book about how she is now at the age where she is starting to notice that all of the kids around her have a Dad and she doesn't. Through out the book she is reminded how her Dad is still part of her life, but now he is supporting her and cheering her on from Heaven instead. I included her hampster Jellybean in all of the spreads, she loved it.

Goodnight Daddy

Here are a few examples from Emmet's book, 'Goodnight Daddy'

Emmet's book was about revisiting the events in Emmet's life since his Dad passed away and reminding him that his Dad still cares and is always looking out for him from Heaven.

These books were real waterfalls for my eyes for the whole process. The best part though was hearing how much the kids loved them and how much they are helping them coop with the loss of their Dad! Pretty neat opportunity.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hello All...

So I am finally joining the blogging world. Which is risky because as some might know, I am long winded. I'll try to 'pack light' as my husband has just suggested to me:)

Things that I have been up to lately.... graduated from Sheridan College almost a year ago, I've been painting murals, working for Julia Breckenreid as her studio assistant and missing the lovely company of my Illustration buddies. I hope that you are all doing very well.

This painting is titled "Me" even though I would never be able to pull off that hat in real life. Its one of my latest paintings. I hope you like it.